NYBRAS staff 100cm


A slim and light spinning staff with an extremely comfortable grip that can never get damaged. Really nice prop for finger spinning and isolations.

Lenght 100 cm

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Introducing to the world of fire preformance a whole new line of professional equipment that stands out at first sight for the quality of the materials, the attention dedicated to details and a very powerful and original look. Our research was mainly focused on finding the perfect grip for manipulation. We wanted it to be the most comfortable and durable grip ever used on fire equipment. The result is what we called X-GRIP, a thermoshrink tubular grip that is virtually eternal, resistent to high temperatures and, unlike silicone, can accidentally be in touch with any type of fuel without loosing its fantastic grip. For maximum comfort we apply a 2 mm pad of EPDM foam underneath the X-GRIP which is firmly glued onto the T6 aluminium tubes. This guarantees excellent insulation from heat and the perfect softness to absorb shocks. All PLAY FIRE LINE products are robust thanks to an inner dowel made of the same compuond used for our world famous PX3 technology and last but not least our 100% PURO KEVLAR® wicks guarantee long burning time and extremely long life!