Diabolo Henrys Vision


Diabolo Vision is suitable for beginners and advanced. Extra wide hubs makes it easier to catch. Handsticks must be bought separately.

Weight: 240g
Width: 138mm
Diameter: 130mm

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Diabolo Vision is for beginners and professionals. With the extra-wide hubs it makes it easier to catch it and more suitable for finger trick and grindings. Therefore Vision is optimal diabolo for professionals but also ideal for beginners. Its size and weight makes it very suitable for children as well.
Its transparent half-shells (exept black and white) are made out of the same material as skater-wheels and are extremely hardwearing.

Diabolo weights 240 grams, its width is 138 millimeters and the diameter is 130 millimeters.

NB! Diabolo sticks are sold separately.

Brand: Henrys